Carvela Comfort. Tried, tested and travelled in.


Rating: 10/10
‘I'd give the shoes a 10.. the heels are stylish comfortable and versatile.. which is rare!


Rating: 9/10
‘In terms of style and comfort I would rate it highly 9/10. I am really impressed with how comfortable they are. But there is a marked difference in the size of the shoe between the left and the right foot (and it’s not just my feet as I got my daughter to test it also) so if I was purchasing the shoe, I would have returned it for this reason.. but I expect this is just a factory fault and not usual!’


Rating: 10/10
‘Definitely a 10, super comfortable and stylish too - love them’


Rating: 7/10
'I would rate the product a 7 my only disputes being - I am a half size and they aren’t available which means I size up and because the tongue is quite short it means you see the gape across my foot (I hope that makes sense) when I walk! But comfort was 10 they were great!’