Sneakers Go Superluxe

Remember when you used to have just one pair of trainers? You know, the ones you wore to spin class and to walk the dog AND out to do the weekend shop? They were comfortable and reliable, but you wouldn’t have been seen dead wearing them out for cocktails, that’s for sure. Those days seem like a distant memory now that leisurewear has become such a ubiquitous part of our wardrobes; our workwear, our ‘going out wear’ and everything in between have merged into one sporty wear-everywhere ensemble. Your white minimal sneakers are your go-to for every occasion, from board meetings to first dates, and you don’t know where you’d be at the weekends without your skate shoes.

But this season, sneakers have gone next level luxe. If ever there were a year to finally pluck up the courage to wear trainers to a fancy party or out on a date it's 2017, because these, people, are shoes that were born to party. Seriously, what could be better on the dance floor than a pair of comfy trainers? Meet the superluxe sneakers taking this summer by storm.

Blade runner The key shape for embellished trainers is the runner; think those good old gym trainers but in metallic fabrics and with sparkly finishes. Oh, and they’re fresh smelling too, obvs. Remember, the most important thing with this trend is to make it look deliberate; keeping your sneakers pristine is essential, so invest in baby wipes - they’re the easiest thing to clean trainers with.

It’s all in the details Extra touches like oversized sequin flowers, elastic straps and ‘safety belt’ clasps just scream high fashion, but when your shoes look this good, keep the rest of your outfit minimal so that all eyes are on your feet. Tailored black trousers and skinny rib knitwear are just the ticket.

Back to black Look-at-me trainers might not be for everyone, but it is possible to do subtle and still tick the embellished trainers trend box. Simple black styles with just a hint of bling in tonal colours that match the shoe will have you hinting at the vibe without feeling out of your comfort zone

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