Lace Laws

The Unofficial Guide to Lacing Your Kicks

Straight Lace

This is a clean and simple look, which shows you're not a man to be messed with. Pro tip: Remember, this only works with an even number of eyelets!

Criss Cross

This is also known as the "straight out the box" or the lazy man's lace. But don't let that dissuade you, often the most simple way is the most effective.


This is for advanced users only. This lace says "i'm a methodical man" but also a bit of "i have too much time on my hands"


This is secure but unexpected, this lace creates an intricate mesh which gives a distinctive finish. If you can master the first knot, you’re on the home stretch.


This is a decorative look often worn by military men in ceremonial dress. It’s more difficult to tighten, but looks great on boots too!

When it comes to bow or not to bow, there are some options...

The Loopy bow: A favourite of our own @Susiebubble, "I know it's not very chic but it's how I tied my laces aged 5 and I don't plan on changing that"


The Tucker: This is somewhere in between security and nonchalance - the fence can be comfortable... if you like that sort of thing!